Bed Bug Heat Treatment – Inspect Your Home

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is necessary to get rid of those nasty bugs that have been discovered in many homes around the country. Bed Bug Inspections usually begin and conclude with a thorough bed bug inspection which includes visual inspection of infested rooms and a thorough bed bug assessment, done by trained technicians who are very familiar with the bed bug’s biology and habits. This inspection will help determine the best course of action to eliminate them from your home and property. This inspection should be performed by a professional who is familiar with bed bug behavior and treatment. It is also advised that you contact a pest control professional for the same reasons.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is available at most home improvement stores or pest control centers. The majority of these pests are spread through the use of insecticides or sprays. Bed Bug Heat Treatment is effective against adult bugs but may not be as successful when dealing with eggs. Some bed bug treatments contain residual pesticides that need to remain in the room or area where treatment was applied.

Prior to bed bug heat treatment, take steps to seal and repair any infested areas. Repair torn or missing floor boards and replace torn carpet where it is damaged. Repair leaky windows where water may get through. Close, all possible entrance and exits to rooms where the bugs may enter. Use caulk to fill any cracks and holes in your walls and floors. Purchase non-toxic sprays for use around furniture, bedding and other areas where bed bug damage may occur.

When performing bed bug heat treatment, inspect the room thoroughly. Check for cracks, holes or damaged walls. You should visually inspect all areas, especially attics and crawl spaces where there may be gaps or cracks in the house construction. If you cannot visually inspect the room, have someone else do it.

After inspection of the room, identify the temperature areas where heat treatment needs to be performed. Prior to starting the treatment, place a stack of towels on each piece of furniture or in the closet. Remove all clothing from the closet, save folded clothing for later. Place these items in a sealed plastic bag labeled “heat treatment.” Start treating the areas by removing the clothing and sealing the plastic bags.

Continue monitoring the room for any signs of damage or bites from adult bugs. You will need to reheat some areas several times to kill all the adults. Wash bed bugs in hot water and apply bed bug heat treatments to these areas before drying off. You will need to check on the progress of the treatments several times throughout the day to make sure they are drying completely.

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