Types Of Truck Towing and Lift Trucks

Semi-Truck Towing is a type of heavy-duty storage to tow large trucks, semi-trucks, and other larger vehicles. Since semi-trailers are quite large and heavy, therefore requiring specialized expertise and equipment, they also require heavy-duty tow vehicle that can safely tow them.

There are two types of tow vehicle available in the market today; those that are specifically designed for semi-trailer applications and others which can be used for tow-truck applications. The most common type of tractor trailer is the semi-trailer which is generally the biggest of all vehicles towed.

Truck towing companies often install special components to their vehicles. Among the major components of such tractor trailers are the front and back bumpers. These components are fitted to help in stopping the car in case it bumps into it or if the semi goes sideways. These bumpers are usually made from steel. This is because steel has high shock absorbing capacity and is therefore suitable for such applications.

Another important component of any trailer is its trailer’s sides. Its sides can either be rigid or flexible depending on its application. In rigid trailer, the sides are made of steel tubing with rubber inserts at the sides. The sides in flexible trailer are made of flexible plastic tubing with foam inserts on the sides. Both the sides are fitted with fiberglass inserts. Such a rigid or flexible trailer is generally used for lifting heavy vehicles and machinery.

When the load that needs to be transported is too much for the trailer, a boom lift can be used to lift the trailer off the ground. Boom lift can also be called as a semi-trickle lift. Such a boom lift has a large boom pole and the tail end of the boom is covered by a crane. The crane can either be fixed or portable.

The boom lifts come in various sizes and types. They are mostly used for carrying trailers that have more weight than the trailer can handle. A boom lift usually comes equipped with an extension pole for raising and lowering the trailer from the ground. Most boom lifts are also fitted with a hydraulic control system to make the lifting of the trailer easy.

These lifts are generally fitted with the boom pole in the rear. The boom pole is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder that helps in transferring the weight from the rear to the front of the truck. Usually, boom lifts are attached to the rear of the vehicle and extend from the front side to the rear of the truck. It is important to note that these lift vehicles are not used only in truck towing. applications.

Another type of truck lift that is commonly used is the roll-up truck lift. These lifts are used to lift and move large vehicles such as buses. and delivery trucks. The truck lift lifts are fitted with a platform at the back of the lift and they are fixed to a rear frame on the truck. The truck lift moves out from the truck’s rear.

Some boom lifts are also used on some flatbed trucks for lifting and moving vehicles with less weight. These lifts are often used on forklifts and other heavy machines. This type of towing is mainly used in places where there is not enough space for regular tow trucks.

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