Crystal Diamond For Senate – New Mexico’s Next Senator

Crystal Diamond (Democrat), is running to win election to the New Mexico state Senate to represent District 35 in Albuquerque. She’s on the ballot in this election for U.S. Congress in the Democratic Primary on November 3, 2020. Crystal completed the Ballotpedia candidate link search in November, as well as the Ballotpedia Party Candidate Searches, for U.S. Senate.

America told The Albuquerque Journal, she wants to help make the lives of those who live in New Mexico easier. “As a woman, I am very concerned about our environment and how we can do our part in preserving it. It’s my job as an elected official to do my best to bring people together to talk about what can we do to stop more people from buying a polluting fossil fuel for their vehicles.”

Crystal said her primary goal will be to work on reducing the number of New Mexico residents who are uninsured, which America described as a big issue. She plans on creating a committee to address that issue, and her first task will be getting the new members of the New Mexico Senate to attend one of the meetings she’ll be hosting to discuss this topic.

Crystal said she would also like to work to improve the quality of life for everyone in New Mexico by reducing the number of drug abusers and alcoholics. In addition to that, she said she’ll like to work on improving the economy in Albuquerque through more job growth and greater investment in education, infrastructure, and research.

There are also issues in New Mexico regarding the state’s health care system, which Crystal said she’ll be working on. “I’d like to see us move towards a single-payer system, where every citizen would be able to afford the health insurance they need. That’s one way to lower healthcare costs while still ensuring that all residents are able to get treatment and follow their treatment.

She told the Albuquerque Journal that she is also interested in working to make sure that the New Mexican economy thrives. And that means being a strong advocate for health care.

Crystal said her goal is not to run for a third term, as she said she is already one-term out of four terms in office. “My goal is to help people understand that being a representative of our district is a lifelong commitment. And I want to continue to fight for a better health care system for our country,” she said. Crystal, who was the youngest person ever elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives when she took office last November, will serve her second term and then go into her third term as a U.S. Representative.

Crystal is not running against Juan Calvin in this election but is running against another Democratic candidate, Ruben Diaz, who is running in the Republican primary. America also has two primary challengers – Christopher Pabon and Juan Carlos Garcia.

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