Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors

As a home or business owner, one of the most important decisions you will make is hiring roofing contractors. While this decision will be one that you will live with for many years to come, choosing a roofing contractor can seem like a daunting task. Before you begin the process of hiring roofing contractors, there are several questions you should ask roofing contractors prior to hiring them to ensure that they are going to provide a quality job. Here are 15 great questions to ask roofing contractors prior to you signing a contract with them.

Are you an experienced roofing contractors? Most states require roofing contractors be licensed within their state so that they can legally work; however, codes and regulations will vary between states, so it helps to know the law for your specific area to make sure you do not run into problems later on. You should ask roofing contractors how many previous projects they have completed as well as if they have any references that you can contact to further verify their credentials. If a roofing contractor has no references or no prior projects listed, move on to the next candidate.

Have you ever completed a roofing project? Whether your project was large or small, whether it was a new roof for an apartment complex or a single story home, having completed work on other projects will give you the knowledge and confidence that you need to complete the job correctly. Ask roofing contractors how many times they have tackled similar jobs in the past. This will give you some idea of their level of expertise and knowledge of the different kinds of roofs they may encounter.

Have you ever done business with the same roofing contractors more than once? Some homeowners like to keep repeat customers, but keep in mind that even experienced contractors have to learn new tricks from time to time. A roofing contractor who has worked with the same company over will definitely be more skilled than one who has not. It’s important to ask about this kind of experience when you are evaluating potential roofers. It may mean the difference between a satisfactory roof job and a roof that doesn’t last for years.

How many different types of roofs does the roofing contractors have under his or her belt? New roofs need to be handled differently than previously installed roofs. In order for a new roof to perform properly, it must be cut to the right specifications and placed in the right location. Some roofers specialize in installing single ply roofing materials while others have expertise installing metal roofing systems and shingles. Inquire about the experience of the roofer you’re considering to ensure you get quality workmanship.

How much are roofing contractors willing to spend on your project? This is an important question to ask prospective roofers. Different types of roofing materials cost a different amount. For example, asphalt shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles because they are more durable and last longer. Before making a commitment on a roofing contractor, find out what roofing materials will be used and how much each roofing contractor will charge for them.

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